1. Playback and real-time editing of all categories of media, including videos, pictures, audio, web pages, acquisition devices and NDI inputs
2. Various playback modes, including single program, single media, media collection, cross-program media and jumpplayback
3. Unlimited layers and unlimited programs
4. Irregular-shaped slices for diversified visual applications
5. Visualized management of slices, programs, playback and input sources
6. Flexible mosaic realizes your creative ideas
7. Auto previewand preview editingof next program
8.Mediaoptimization for better media
9. Media image quality adjustment
10. Media mirroring, stretching, cropping supported
11.Crossfade and cut effectson program switching
12. Decoding of various mainstream video formats
13.Output mapping and markings for clear screen and connector correspondence
14. Automatic softwarestartup and programplayback
15. Project file management and packaging


1. multiple 4K hardware decoding and rendering for smooth playback and flawless output
2. Plug-in and modular design for higher system stability
3. Frame sync technology for synchronized and smooth display
4. Seamless primary and backup device switching safeguards your on-site operation
5. Infinite device cascading, synchronized by Genlock
6. EDID lock, ensuring no jump of connector resolution and display sequence
7. Intelligent thermal solution
8. Running status indication and fault alarm on front panel display
9. High quality XLR audio inputs and outputs
10. Central control via TCP/UDP protocol
11. 4U rack mountable chassis
12. Industrial ruggedized design

Input Card

4K Output Card
• 2x HDMI 2.0
• 2x DP 1.2
• RS 232
◦HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 output the same content
◦Max. output resolution: 8192×1080@60Hz/4096×2160@60Hz
◦HDCP 2.2 compliant
◦Mosaic output of multiple same-type connectors

Output Card

• 4x DVI, RS232
◦Max. output resolution of a single connector: 2048×1152@60Hz
◦Max. width: 2560 pixels (2560×972@60Hz)
◦Max. height: 2560 pixels (884×2560@60Hz)
◦4x DVI mosaic outputs (2x2) by default


The SSE-V4 offers first-class media processing capability and is capable of processing a wide variety of media and video streams
2x USB 3.0 Type front panel,4x USB 2.0 Type on rear panel Operating System Windows 10 Professional OS